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Shouldn’t everyone have access to the quality
Naturopathic medical care 
that you and your family have?

Please help make this a reality for ALL Virginians today!

In order to provide all Virginians with access to naturopathic medical care,
the VAANP (Virginia Association of Naturopathic Physicians) needs your monetary support.

We are mobilizing a public education and licensing campaign that will cost $50,000.

Dear Supporter,

When you or a family member are looking for comprehensive, safe and effective natural health care, where do you turn?

Like many in our community, you go to your naturopathic doctor.


Because you know you will receive absolute top-notch medical care from naturopathic doctors who have guided you through some of the hardest of times.  From assisting with general prevention and wellness support to the management of various diseases, your naturopathic doctor has empowered you to experience optimal health and well-being.

Naturopathic doctors blend conventional medical and natural approaches, ranging from nutrition and lifestyle change to targeted use of botanical and pharmaceutical medicines. They see you as an individual who is unique. You know you will be treated like a real person, by dedicated, compassionate health professionals in a warm, caring environment.

It is due to this level of care that The Virginia Association of Naturopathic Physicians (VAANP) is dedicated to further enhancing the health and well-being of all Virginians. The VAANP has been working diligently to advance access to naturopathic medical care for over ten years. And as the climate has changed where there are fewer medical providers and yet worsening chronic diseases such as addiction, pain and mental health suffering, our association is moving forward to gain licensure by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

In order to provide access to all Virginians with naturopathic medical care we need your support. The cost of our public education and licensing campaigns will be $50,000. Thus, we are reaching out to those that truly understand the value, integrity and safety of naturopathic medicine and what it has done for you in your life. Your contribution to the VAANP has the potential to transform the health care landscape in the Commonwealth from a pharmaceutical-based, sick care model to a patient-centered, holistic wellness model that improves the quality of life for patients while saving taxpayer dollars.

Your gift is extremely important because it offers immediate resources that are directed to expanding access to naturopathic care through recognition by the Commonwealth.

Please send your gift today at gf.me/u/vv8nyw 

Your donation will help make our community healthier. Right here. Right now.

Thank you so much for your help.


Sarah Giardenelli, ND, MSOM, LAc
President, Virginia Association of Naturopathic Physicians
Email: info@vaanp.org
Tel: 480.921.3088

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