Friends of Naturopathic Medicine,

Our ND licensure bill in the House, HB 2044, has been rescheduled for the next HWI Health Professions subcommittee meeting. This means that we need to keep the pressure on and the issue fresh in legislators’ minds!

We already know that the tactic from opponents is always to continue pushing misinformation about Naturopathic Doctors – about their qualifications, capabilities, and the meaningful impact that they can have with a limited practice license.  They will use this additional time to try and create confusion in the legislature and attempt to discredit the validity of our efforts  – which is why we need ALL our advocates and supporters to reach out to the full committee starting NOW and continuing throughout next week, urging them to SUPPORT HB 2044.  

These are the KEY MESSAGES that the committee members need to hear from advocates:

  • Naturopathic Doctors are medically trained and educated; they have the skills and qualifications necessary to have a practice license. Almost half the nation already regulates the profession – and ALL licensed states use the exact education and training requirements from our bill!
  • HB 2044 creates a very limited scope of practice; this legislation is focused on the very basics of health care. And nothing in our bill will harm lay naturopaths or their business – in fact, we put specific exemptions in HB 2044 at their request, and have worked with several different groups on these protections.
  • This is about public safety and expanding access to health care; Virginia should license NDs because it is the responsible and practical step to ensuring informed access to better naturopathic medical care.
  • Reasons why YOU as a Virginia citizen and/or professional personally support licensing Naturopathic Doctors!

CLICK HERE and Please take a few moments to complete & send an advocate letter to the HWI committee members. 

And then, please SHARE this alert with other friends and supporters you may know throughout Virginia – family members, colleagues, neighbors, ANYONE who recognizes the value of naturopathic medicine and the distinct role that qualified Naturopathic Doctors can fill in our Commonwealth.

THANK YOU for your continued support!


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