We hope you’re staying well, as we head into the final stretch of winter – and into Year Two of the ongoing pandemic. Everyone has already been through so much, and understandably, there is an underlying desire for things to just “go back to normal.”  And while many are anticipating greater social and community freedoms with the vaccine rollout, the truth is: we are still living in uncertain times. Protecting your health, and the health of our communities, remains the top priority.

It is as important as ever to prioritize wellness and prevention. Virginia NDs did an immune resilience panel at the start of the pandemic, and the information is just applicable now as it was on day one!  Check out this highly informative webinar and this incredible resource handout chock-full of health supportive tips. 

Looking at the overall healthcare landscape in Virginia: The VAANP remains committed to making prevention and wellness a priority in and for Virginia, and will continue to push for legislative initiatives to accomplish this goal. We accomplished a huge amount of work this past year, between the BHP study and our two bills in the 2021 Regular Session. Other advocates can attest that most of the worthwhile “wins” in the General Assembly come after years of laying the groundwork, engaging the grassroots, and diligently earning votes (sometimes, one at a time). So right now, our team is in “review and regroup” mode – focusing on following up with supportive elected officials, planning outreach and fundraising for the coming months, and continuing to build our base of support.

To this end, one immediate – and fairly easy – way we would ask for your support is by continuing to spread the word, and connecting us with your friends, family, and colleagues (particularly if they are already active or vocal constituents, with their own Delegates and Senators).

This can be as simple as sharing our profiles/website on social media or making a quick e-introduction, or could include setting a goal of having 3-5 people you know sign up for legislative alerts and updates. We would also welcome the opportunity to touch base with new supporters or community groups through a quick call or virtual meeting, for anyone who is passionate about expanding access to care and has an interest in getting more involved with ongoing engagement and advocacy!

Institutional medicine has long been an oversized and powerful lobby…it’s time that Virginia patients and consumers have an equal voice at the table. We will continue to fight this good fight, together.

To your health,

The VAANP    

Virginia has steadily been earning a lot of “firsts” when it comes to new policy measures. Feel free to share additional opportunities to support us and join our movement – so we can make Virginia the first Southern state to license qualified Naturopathic Doctors!

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