Message from the President

Hello VAANP Enthusiasts!

I am very excited to share with you the launching of our very first monthly VAANP newsletter!  I hope you will find it to be interesting and informative.

I recently returned from the “Medicines from the Earth Herb Symposium” in North Carolina and was so inspired by the wealth of knowledge shared by  Naturopathic Doctors, Registered Herbalists, and many other leading professionals. There are so much evidence-based research and thousands of years of cultural tradition available to validate the use and effectiveness of botanical medicine for health and healing.  With the inspirational beauty of the natural surroundings, the  Blue Ridge Mountains, it was easy to have the mental clarity to absorb all the new information.

I also wanted to share with you that VAANP is narrowing its search for a new government affairs specialist, who will conduct our strategic educational campaign during the next few months.  Selecting the right lobbyist, combined with timing and momentum are essential ingredients towards achieving our licensure goal in 2019. Stay tuned for the latest update in our July newsletter.

Save the Date! On November 10, 2018, VAANP is planning to hold a live continuing medical education (CME) half-day seminar, with video streaming as well, so please mark your calendars and look for more details in upcoming newsletters!

Last but not least, we are fast approaching the summer solstice, so make sure you take time to be outside with nature and “smell the roses”  or get a waft of fresh rosemary from your herb garden!

In health,

Patricia Diefenbach, ND
VAANP President


To achieve our goal of increasing access to Naturopathic care in Virginia, our legislators need to hear from you! Patients, please share your personal story of how working with a Naturopathic Doctor helped to shift your health in a positive direction. Providers, please share how working with a Naturopathic Doctor helped to improve outcomes for your patient(s).


Patricia Diefenbach, ND, MS, CNC, CNS

Patricia Diefenbach, ND, MS, CNC, CNS

Naturopathic Doctor

Area of Emphasis:
Clinical nutrition, optimal wellness, gastrointestinal health, eating disorders, healthy aging, ADHD/Autism

Contact Info: 

Integrative Healthcare
Office Locations in Fairfax, VA and Washington, DC 

Phone: (703)-609-8717


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