We hope this finds you and yours doing well during this incredibly challenging time.  The VAANP has been busy behind the scenes working on our licensure movement, and we have been meaning to reach out to you with an important update.

Firstly, thank you so much to those of you who wrote in on our behalf during our study and review process by the Department of Health Professions this August!  We received an overwhelming show of support – over 170 letters were received about the study – 156 were in favor, and 99 of them were from patients from all over the Commonwealth. After thorough review and discussion, the Research and Regulatory Committee of the BHP voted unanimously in favor of recommending licensure of NDs, at their late August meeting – recognizing that we had met all the Board’s necessary criteria. This is a huge milestone for the VAANP and our licensing efforts!

Now, as we move forward with the 2020-2021 legislative session, we are actively raising funds to retain our amazing lobbyist, who is the reason the VAANP is in the strong position we are in today. We need lobbying support now more than ever as our opposition will not back down (see below for details). We have come an incredibly long way since our first licensure bill in 2005, and the VAANP has every intention of putting a bill forward annually until we gain licensure. There is no turning back, but to make licensure of NDs in VA a reality we need your support. 

Support our movement now and claim your free gift!!!

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Here is a link to our campaign – feel free to share with others who support ND licensure in Virginia.

Continued update from above: While the Board of Health Committee unanimously recommended licensing NDs in VA, when the full Board met just a few minutes later, the final vote to adopt the Committee’s report was 6-5 against the recommendation. In addition to the time constraint that made it nearly impossible for Board members to fully review the report, there were a few vocal opponents who perpetuated misinformation — even after receiving clarification from Committee members. Most surprisingly and disappointingly, for the last 20 years no other profession has received a unanimous recommendation from the Committee – only to then have the full Board fail to accept their recommendation.

In the face of this confusion, the Board of Health Professions has denied the VAANP the opportunity to provide additional testimony to clarify the erroneous statements made at their August Board meeting. In spite of this, the VAANP remains encouraged by the unanimous recommendation of the Board of Health Professions Committee to license medically trained naturopathic doctors.  We are optimistic about continuing these efforts in the 2021 Session. 

Additional Information:

As we move forward with our licensing effort this winter, scheduling visits with with legislators, please email us if you are interested in participating – the more supporters we have involved, the stronger our voice will be heard! Thank you again for your continued support!


Sarah & Marie

Sarah Giardenelli, ND, MSOM, LAc
VAANP – President

Marie Rodriguez, ND
VAANP – Vice President

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