Dear Friends of Naturopathic Medicine,

Unfortunately HB2044 did not make it out of the Full Committee last night.  

The final vote was 8-13, with one abstention. So it’s disappointing indeed – yet despite the outcome, there are positives:

  • We picked up additional YES votes from members who hadn’t been on our side before — including from the chair, Del. Sickles.
  • Our patron Del. Rasoul fought extremely HARD on our behalf; he called out the problematic handling of certain aspects of this process, he refused to back down, and he went all out for us. 
  • Written public comment posted for HB2044 was overwhelmingly in support: dozens of supportive healthcare colleagues wrote in for us, associations and groups sent letters in favor, and we gained new allies in VA and nationally. 
  • Another group of lay practitioners, formerly firmly opposed, dropped their opposition to both of our bills and stated such in committee.
  • The only real, viable opposition came from the institutional medicine lobby and one of their affiliate associations.

What we are facing in Virginia is an outdated, limited model that has been overwhelmingly been driven by institutional medical lobby interests.  It’s not just, but it is also not over. We did everything we can for this Session; combating systemic bias is a slow process.

So stay tuned for more details about next steps – our team is going to regroup and talk about strategy in the coming days.

Thank you SO much for all your efforts, this feels like a loss but we really are so much closer as a result of all of your efforts!

With much appreciation,


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